The Druch…

Right here is a quick sketch I came up with recently, of a creature that is hypothetically used as a steed of war as well as a best of burden. Actually this is intended to be used for that said purpose by folks in a rather Africa-like region, in a story that is ‘co-conspired’ by me.

Druch - beast of war

The overall nature of the creature is something of a rhino, but with better eyesight of course! In military use, they are better at charging  into the enemy lines than the horses, more so due to their great inertia and dense skin that is very resistant to injury from pikes and similar piercing weapons.That is, if and only if any foot soldier’s going to stand his ground when a wave of Druch armored cavalry comes at him. 🙂

Going for a complete coloured drawing  soon as I’m having a bit of time…


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