Back to pad ‘n pencil…

Your job is the worst possible excuse, I think, that you can give when you are asked why you haven’t been at your pens and pencils. Worst in the sense, it stares at you in the face giving you ‘that look’, making you think why are you doing that job in the first place! Anyway, rants aside I have been sparing a few moments for myself and the crazy creations for some time now, and I am having a few interesting ideas on the board to take up as I FORCE myself to have time set aside for them. That being said, I thought of posting a couple of new quickies that I managed to jot down during the past few days.

The first one is a quick sketch done while i was waiting for a concert to start; the idea of a summoned great serpent rising out of the sea just flashed through my head, which I put down then and there, to be filled in with watercolours later. This one i have set aside to be detailed later using some digital media. The other is the result of a lazy afternoon spent thinking of Africa and all its lost wonder, a character that I would like to title as an ‘Afro-amazon’, presently I am fleshing that character out in more detail, along with a fantastic ‘pseudo-african’ setting; as I like to put it, so await to see how it will grow out. 🙂


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