The Dancer – WIP

As the first piece for 2013, I thought of starting off with ‘The Dancer’. Despite the rather plain name, this had been a piece that had been ‘marinating’ for quite a while. The first idea for the artwork sparked when I listened to the song ‘The Dance of Sarasvati’ by the well known Japanese composer and  musician, Kitaro. Being a very visual person, the images stuck with me, and i tried sketching several poses while I traveled.

At last, I came up with the image which you get to see here. I won’t dub the figure here as ‘Sarasvati’, but she is a dancer in the rhythm of my pencils..!  Come next week, I will be finishing the piece, and while that happens enjoy the WIP ( the two at the end has some Photoshop effects i just dropped in for fun.) Apologies for the rather poor image quality, just had to make do it with the camera in hand while I was working!


If you are interested in the music that inspired this, take a listen.


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