The Dancer – WIP

As the first piece for 2013, I thought of starting off with ‘The Dancer’. Despite the rather plain name, this had been a piece that had been ‘marinating’ for quite a while. The first idea for the artwork sparked when I listened to the song ‘The Dance of Sarasvati’ by the well known Japanese composer and  musician, Kitaro. Being a very visual person, the images stuck with me, and i tried sketching several poses while I traveled.

At last, I came up with the image which you get to see here. I won’t dub the figure here as ‘Sarasvati’, but she is a dancer in the rhythm of my pencils..!  Come next week, I will be finishing the piece, and while that happens enjoy the WIP ( the two at the end has some Photoshop effects i just dropped in for fun.) Apologies for the rather poor image quality, just had to make do it with the camera in hand while I was working!


If you are interested in the music that inspired this, take a listen.


Odds and ends…

Here are some old works that were lying about, mostly they were put up in my Facebook profile and I thought I’d add them here as well. More anon!

Blizzard concept art

Blizzard Entertainment, first taking its little steps as Silicon Synapse early in the 90’s, is now a titanic force in electronic entrainment. While WoW, StarCraft and Diablo are its flagship franchises that took the game-verse by storm, of course we can’t forget its old wonders like Lost Vikings (One good reason I had not to play cricket with pals!) and Blackthorne. This is the concept art gallery they are maintaining at their official website, and it has some neat concept art on show. Works from pros as well as amateurs from all over the world, its inspiration central!

Go feast your eyes! 🙂