Back to pad ‘n pencil…

Your job is the worst possible excuse, I think, that you can give when you are asked why you haven’t been at your pens and pencils. Worst in the sense, it stares at you in the face giving you ‘that look’, making you think why are you doing that job in the first place! Anyway, rants aside I have been sparing a few moments for myself and the crazy creations for some time now, and I am having a few interesting ideas on the board to take up as I FORCE myself to have time set aside for them. That being said, I thought of posting a couple of new quickies that I managed to jot down during the past few days.

The first one is a quick sketch done while i was waiting for a concert to start; the idea of a summoned great serpent rising out of the sea just flashed through my head, which I put down then and there, to be filled in with watercolours later. This one i have set aside to be detailed later using some digital media. The other is the result of a lazy afternoon spent thinking of Africa and all its lost wonder, a character that I would like to title as an ‘Afro-amazon’, presently I am fleshing that character out in more detail, along with a fantastic ‘pseudo-african’ setting; as I like to put it, so await to see how it will grow out. 🙂


The Druch contd.

This is a continuation of the war beast design I was doing. I got the creature’s armour in place and added the armour of the rider to match the aesthetic of the creature’s. Before going for the final artwork, think I will be doing a bit of tweaking to improve both the armours.


Druch ; Work in Progress

I started a bit of work on the Druch – the Armored war beast and the rider. Drew the head in detail and and tried out a head armour variant. The next few variants I’m thinking on doing on buttersheet so its easier to trace up that way, and try many different variants rapidly. On top of everything, my camera has kicked the bucket or so it seems… that means it will be a while before I post more updates on this.

Odds and ends…

Here are some old works that were lying about, mostly they were put up in my Facebook profile and I thought I’d add them here as well. More anon!

The Druch…

Right here is a quick sketch I came up with recently, of a creature that is hypothetically used as a steed of war as well as a best of burden. Actually this is intended to be used for that said purpose by folks in a rather Africa-like region, in a story that is ‘co-conspired’ by me.

Druch - beast of war

The overall nature of the creature is something of a rhino, but with better eyesight of course! In military use, they are better at charging  into the enemy lines than the horses, more so due to their great inertia and dense skin that is very resistant to injury from pikes and similar piercing weapons.That is, if and only if any foot soldier’s going to stand his ground when a wave of Druch armored cavalry comes at him. 🙂

Going for a complete coloured drawing  soon as I’m having a bit of time…