Arachnid chitin armour …!

Playing around with a few odds and ends I had, took some time to flesh out an Armour concept. The idea is that the armour is made out of the chitinous shell of a wind scorpion like animal of an arid landscape. One of its long fangs are incorporated to the armour as a constantly present offhand weapon. The tempered shell of the creature which makes the armour about as tough as generic hardwood, but with the flexibility of hard leather.

The suit is generally worn by the scouts and hunters of the badlands tribes.

Can use some improvements so I think I will get back to this suit after dealing with 5/10 gentlemen. 🙂


Morrigan -The Crow Goddess

At long last, I found something that is next best to a pad, and gave life to a sketch that was a lying around for quite a while. If you are interested in finding out who exactly this lady is, go google a bit and you will not be disappointed, and it will shed some light on the question as to why she looks rather fearsome.

This will be good for a basic idea about Morrigan.

And Chucky, thanks again for your magic find! 😉

Now that she is complete, I will be heading off to tinker around with a ‘local topic’ … till its done, enjoy art!

The Druch contd.

This is a continuation of the war beast design I was doing. I got the creature’s armour in place and added the armour of the rider to match the aesthetic of the creature’s. Before going for the final artwork, think I will be doing a bit of tweaking to improve both the armours.


The Avenger of Sekhmet

Here is something that I put together using some odds and ends that I doodled here and there; The Avenger of Sekhmet. For those of you who are not myth-savvy, I will give a little outline of who in the hells Sekhmet is.

Sekhmet was the lion-headed goddess of war and warriors in the ancient Egyptian religion. Born of the fire in the eye of Ra, the Sun God, she was his tool of vengeance upon the upstart humans, and she did her job well till the Nile ran red. Worried that mankind would be annihilated, Ra and the fellow gods tricked her to drink 7000 jugs of beer coloured red as blood, and the hangover cured her rage! 😀

That being said, the illustration here is that of an Avenger of Sekhmet; a warrior woman imbued with the divine fury of the lion goddess, ready to cut a swath through the enemies of the Nile. Historically incorrect but  fun idea, methinks.


Druch ; Work in Progress

I started a bit of work on the Druch – the Armored war beast and the rider. Drew the head in detail and and tried out a head armour variant. The next few variants I’m thinking on doing on buttersheet so its easier to trace up that way, and try many different variants rapidly. On top of everything, my camera has kicked the bucket or so it seems… that means it will be a while before I post more updates on this.

Odds and ends…

Here are some old works that were lying about, mostly they were put up in my Facebook profile and I thought I’d add them here as well. More anon!